Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Woods Random Legacy: Chapter 39 - Again

It had been about two months since Love Day.  James had put the events behind him - a momentary weakness, that was all - and his pain at the sudden departure of the woman he'd thought he'd loved was beginning to fade.  Things were getting better, slowly.
Sondra: "Hi James!"
James looked over in surprise.  Sondra?  What was she doing in his house?
James: "How'd you get in here?"
Sondra: "The door was unlocked!  You should really avoid that, you know, there's lots of crime around here."
James: "They won't-er, come all the way up here, on the ridge, do you think?"
Whew, he'd almost let something slip there.  Clearly he wasn't as alright as he'd thought he was.
Sondra: "I wouldn't be so sure!  Anyway, that's not what I came here to talk about."
James opened his mouth to ask what it was she was here for then, but she plowed on without waiting for his response.
Sondra: "So you remember Love Day, when you were all sad and then I came over and-"
James interrupted.
James: "Yes, I remember."
Sondra: "Good!  Well, I've just gotten back from the doctor, because I thought so but I wasn't really sure, but I'm pregnant!  Isn't that amazing?"
No!  That wasn't amazing at all!  Sondra didn't give James the chance to speak, though.
Sondra: "So I had to break up with Rickey of course-"
Who's Rickey?
Sondra: "-and I'll really miss my three dogs, but it's totally the right thing to come up here.  We're going to make a baby!  Isn't that so exciting?"
No!  It wasn't!
Sondra: "I hope it'll be a girl, I've always wanted to have a daughter.  Teaching her how to do her hair, and picking out the right clothes for her, and helping her out in'll be wonderful!"
No-wait, was she offering to take care of the children?  As in, a mother who would actually stick around and help out?  Maybe this wasn't so terrible after all.  There were worse people.  Sondra took a deep breath to start talking again, but James quickly put a finger over her lips while he collected his thoughts.
James: "That's...great.  Kind of out of the blue there, but I'd love to have you around.  Hey, you should come and meet my two daughters."
Sondra frowned in confusion, staying silent even as he removed his finger from her lips; apparently it was in fact possible to render her speechless.  Eventually, she found her voice again.
Sondra: "  have kids?"

Sondra: "Ohmygod, she's so adorable!  Was her mother the one who-"
James interrupted, not wanting Sondra to finish that sentence.
James: "Yes."
Sondra: "That's awful.  Who could leave a baby behind like that?"
She reached into the crib and picked up the infant, holding Epsilon up in front of her face to play with her.  The baby smiled toothlessly and batted towards Sondra's face with one tiny fist, before blinking suddenly heavy eyelids.
Sondra: "Why's she so sleepy all of a sudden?"
James: "Is she?  Oh, you'd better put her down in the crib, then.  She does that sometimes, just drops right off."
Sondra quickly put the girl down, who was rapidly falling asleep even as she did so.
Sondra: "Is that normal?  Have you taken her to see a doctor?"
James shrugged.
James: "She's a baby, babies sleep.  I'm not too worried."
Sondra: "What's her name?"
James: "Epsilon."
Sondra: "That's an odd name for a baby."
James shrugged again.
James: "I didn't choose it.  Odd names just seem to happen to my kids."
White lies never hurt anyone, it was easier than explaining his failed naming scheme.
Sondra: "So you have another daughter too?"
James: "Yes, Alpha.  She's at school now."
Sondra: "Elementary school?  That let out a few hours ago."
James: "Oh, really?  I'd lost track of time.  She'll be around somewhere, then.  Not sure where, but she's always home by curfew.  You can meet her then."

It was fifteen minutes before curfew when Alpha finished her short walk back from the bus stop.  She'd done her homework in the park, then played with a neighbor's cat, and before she knew it the sun was down and the weather was getting chilly.
As she entered the house, she was lost in thought about what she might find for dinner.  Maybe the salad would be passable tonight.  She didn't notice Sandra waiting for her until it was too late to avoid her.
Sondra: "You must be Alpha!"
Alpha turned and gave Sondra a puzzled look.
Alpha: "Who are you?  Where's my dad?"
Sondra: "He's in the kitchen cooking something.  I've been waiting for you to get home!  What were you doing out so late?"
Alpha shrugged.
Alpha: "Stuff?"
Sondra: "Ah, I...see.  Well, it's getting late, can I help you with your homework?"
Alpha: "No, I already did it earlier.  Thanks."
Sondra: "Are you sure you don't need any help?  Maybe we can do it better if we do it together."
Alpha: "I think I do it alright, I'm on the honor roll and everything."
Sondra: "Oh."
They stood in mutual silence for a few moments, Sondra looking down at the girl in confusion and Alpha rocking on the balls of her feet.
Sondra: ""
Alpha: "I think I should go clean up those clothes on the floor.  Bye."
She certainly was an odd child.  Sondra was a bit worried that James let her run around without seeming to care what she did, though.  Why wasn't he worried?  Lots of bad things could happen to little girls when they were off on their own!

James figured Alpha was smart enough to take care of herself.  He had his own problems to deal with.  Tonight was the night of his coup, where he would rise up with the support of his minions - coworkers to be technical, but it was kind of the same thing, right? - and take the position of the leader for his own.  She'd already proven her incompetence, and you didn't get second chances in this job.  Also, he wasn't getting any younger; with every day that passed, he felt that his chance was slipping away from him.  It was now or never.
The coup went off without a hitch.  Returning home early the next morning, James grinned to himself.  He was now the leader of the local criminal organization, and nothing could stand in his way, no matter what his future aspirations.

~ * ~

Three chapters in three days while school is in session?  What is this sorcery?  I really want to get to chapter 40, because that's when I get to show you guys what Epsilon looks like.  She's sooooo cute!  She's actually a child in my game, and she's even more adorable.  You guys won't believe me because it seems like it'll be impossible for her to be more adorable than she is as a toddler, but you'll see!

Sondra is crazy-hyper.  She needs to take a deep breath and calm down.  I also can't help but think that she's not taking this whole situation as seriously as she probably should be.


  1. LOL! Oh, James. What are we going to do with you?
    I'm interested to see what crazy thing happens to Sondra to make her leave, she seems pretty intent on staying and raising the kids.

    Poor Alpha, though. She's had two 'mothers' appear from nowhere, and then leave in a hurry (well, it'll be two when Sondra leaves), and she was abandoned by her own mother at birth. She's going to think there's something wrong with her.

    Ps, you need to change the rolls bit at the top. It still says you only have 1 kid... :)

    Pps: I totally nearly died of laughter when James almost told Sondra that he was a criminal so wouldn't be burgled :p

    1. Anne/Arcadia(I don't even know what to call her and I'm the author, lol) wasn't really around much as a mother figure for Alpha, she was more interested in James. Alpha has definitely grown up fending for herself, and likes it that way, so while we know that it's good for her to have Sondra around actually being a mother, Alpha isn't very happy about it because it feels smothering to her. That's kind of the dynamic going on between them for the next chapter or so.

      This is what I meant, way back when I said that Alpha grew into her name. She just naturally takes charge of the situation and makes it work, because there has never been anyone else to do it for her. It's not so much that she's the personality type that enjoys doing it, as she'll be the one that steps up when nobody else does. If that makes sense.

      Yeah I know, I CBA to mess with the layout changer thing. I'll fix it when Sondra pops out her kid, which will be a looong chapter, so you won't be getting it tomorrow!

    2. Also! Since I know you like to go back and try to make connections, there's an accidental bit of foreshadowing in this chapter that I just noticed going back and re-reading what I'd written. I didn't even think about the future plot point when I wrote that part! So, while you wait for the next chapter, you can entertain yourself by trying to hunt that. ;)

  2. Hmm, I can't see this latest relationship ending well, Sondra doesn't seem well suited to James.

    1. They're not very compatible at all. While Sondra is probably the best mother that his children will ever have, the Sondra-James interaction leaves a fair bit to be desired. It's a partnership of pure convenience, with lots of extra hyper bubbly on Sondra's side.

  3. Woot! I am all caught up---I read through 39 chapters in about four days. I'm feeling pretty accomplished, lol

    I've had fun reading about the Woods, and getting to know them. (Funny enough, the first family I ever made for Sims3, Woods was their last name!)

    I like James, he is quite the character. Though I felt bad for him with the Anne/Acadia relationship, hopefully she'll have a great explanation and pop back into his life later on, when his single roll no longer matters.

    Alpha is a neat kid. I loved her meeting with Sondra. I love Sondra's personality. She is so fun! I hope her baby gets her personality---that would be fun! lol

    1. Ahh, that's a lot of reading! Glad you made it, though.

      No comment on the possible future for Anne/Arcadia. ;)

      Sondra is pretty cool, I always worry about all of my bubbly, extroverted characters reading pretty much alike though. As an introvert myself, I think I write a better variety of quiet, introspective characters.

  4. Sondra is nuts, I love her personality.