Friday, May 10, 2013

Woods Random Legacy: Chapter 44 - Growing Into Autumn

On the first chilly day in autumn, Alpha decided it was time to celebrate Epsilon becoming old enough to attend school.  She woke up early and biked down to the store to purchase a cake, making careful use of her hard-earned simoleons.
Epsilon was excited to begin school, even after Alpha's warnings about the other children.  She wanted to learn new things, and play with educational toys that James wouldn't buy.  It was nice of Alpha to get a cake for her - delicious, too! - but it wasn't really necessary.
The school required a physical for all new students, so James was finally forced to take Epsilon to the doctor's office.  They were concerned about her narcolepsy, but the doctor posited that she may be growing out of it, as the episodes had grown much less frequent lately.  They did find that the girl required glasses, though, and the eye doctor let her pick out a pair of cute purple frames.  They'd be perfect for her first days of school!
She took after her father in her choice of leisure activities.  Now that she was old enough to sit at the chessboard, she loved spending time playing with the pieces.  The few books kept around the house also intrigued her, though most of them were written at an adult level and therefore were beyond her comprehension.  She did choose to keep one relic from her early childhood, though.
The sheep toy, which had been a favorite of hers since Alpha had purchased the toy box containing it, had more than earned its spot on her bedside table.  She might not play with it as a little kid would anymore, but she could look down to it in the mornings and enjoy her memories associated with the plastic animal.

Her first day of school was every bit as hard as Alpha had cautioned it might be.  Not only was she teased about her parentage, but the girls especially teased Epsilon brutally about her hair.  It just wasn't natural, they said, and asked how much her mother hated her to let her go in public like that - oh wait, she doesn't have a mother!
By the time she got home from school, she just wanted to curl in in bed and cry.  Alpha was busy helping Omicron with his talking, so she didn't want to bother her older sister.  Instead, she completed her homework in silence, retiring early to bed.  Why couldn't she just be normal?
When she awoke, she wasn't in the top bunk of her house anymore.  The room was dim, illuminated only by a faint light somewhere behind her.  Her limbs were heavy from sleep, but she pushed herself up and looked around.  She was in a library.  It was obviously a dream.  Even if she had sleptwalked, the library in Sunset Valley didn't look anything like this.  It couldn't.  This place was so...perfect.
She got to her feet and stepped towards a shelf.  The books were old, older than anything she'd seen before, yet they felt real under her fingers.  This didn't feel like a dream at all, but it had to be.  This library was unlike anywhere that existed in the real world.  As she ran her fingers over the spines of the books before her, she felt a breeze across the back of her neck.  She turned quickly, but saw nothing, hearing only the sound of the phantom breeze among the books.
Was she alone here?  It was impossible to tell, but it wouldn't matter anyway, in a dream.  If it meant her harm, it would show itself.  Until then, she would explore.  Stepping to one of the windows, she looked out.  A lonely expanse of blackness was all she saw, and she quickly stepped back from the window.
She felt the dream slipping away from herself and struggled to hold on to it.  A library!  There was so much she could discover here!  But the pull of wakefulness was too strong, and she soon opened her eyes in her bed.  Sitting up, she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, then looked down over the rails of her bunk to her older sister, who was staring at her.
Alpha: "Epsi, what did you do to your hair?"
Epsilon: "Huh?  I didn't do anything."
Alpha: "Uh, look again."
Epsilon reached behind her and grabbed her ponytail, pulling it to the front.  Huh, that's strange.  Her hair was snow white!
Epsilon: "...I didn't do that!"
Alpha: "How can it just turn all white like that?"
Epsilon: "I don't know!"
Alpha: "Okay, it's probably alright.  Come down here, let me have a look."
Epsilon climbed down the ladder and stood in front of her sister, nervously fiddling with the sleeve of her pajamas.  Alpha reached out and touched the hair, letting it fall from her fingers.
Alpha: "It's soft, and strong, better than your hair has been since you were young.  But it's white.  I don't understand it."
Epsilon: "If it's better than it was when I was younger, that's a good thing, right?"
Alpha hesitated for a moment, then smiled warmly.
Alpha: "Right, that's a good thing.  Come here, sorry if I scared you."
She hugged her younger sister tightly.  The confidence was an act, though.  What could cause someone's hair to turn white overnight?  The doctors had said that nothing was wrong with it at Epsilon's check-up, but it still scared Alpha.  And what would the other children at school say?

She distracted herself by making sure that Omicron knew how to talk.  He grasped it more quickly than Epsilon had, the young boy having quite a lot to say.
Alpha: "If you get hurt, you know you can always come to me, right?  I'll help you put a band-aid on your boo-boo."
Omicron: "Ban-na on boo-boo!"
Other lessons needed to be imparted as well.
Alpha: "Okay, so you know what to do with the dirty dishes when dad leaves them in the kitchen, right?"
Omicron: "Wash!"
Alpha: "That's right!"
Of course, Alpha wasn't with Omicron all the time, frequently leaving the boy to his own devices.  He didn't much like being alone, but even that was better than being with his father.  Sometimes, Omicron could feel a sort of wrongness emanating from the man, strong enough to make him scream and prompting James to shout for Alpha to come put the kid to bed.  James wasn't quite sure what was wrong with that kid, but he sure spent a lot of time crying.
Alpha was a junior in high school now, so with her added workload for classes she was glad that Omicron was getting older and didn't need so much of her attention.  She often would ask her cousin Valerie over to work on their homework together.
Alpha: "Yeah, so, this is my house."
Alpha: "Please try to ignore the lunatic in the next room."
Valerie: "But it's soooo hard to concentrate!"
Alpha: "Tell me about it."
Of course, she also set aside time to train.  Martial arts was her one distraction from her daily responsibilities, and she made the most of the few moments she had to herself to practice.
She decided one evening that her goal in life was to reach physical perfection.  Not only must she train her body, but also her mind and spirit.  The art of meditation would be her next area of study, which she hoped to begin once Omicron started school.

Soon enough, that time was here.  Alpha procured a second cake and held another quiet celebration in the kitchen, before letting the younger children loose to go enjoy their evening.
Epsilon chose to study the art of chess from the perspective of the white side.  After all, moving first may bring with it significant advantages.  Omicron, while invited by his sister to join her, chose to rehearse his greetings for school first.  While he wouldn't attend until after Spooky Day, he wanted to be sure to make a good impression for the loads of friends he'd have!  Epsilon didn't have the heart to enlighten him otherwise.

~ * ~

This chapter took forever to make happen, I apologize.  It was that stupid dream sequence!  I made the set, then put off importing a child version of Epsilon.  Then, after I got Epsilon imported, I found out that the set hadn't properly saved!  So I had to go back and re-do all the design and CASTing.  I hope it added to the story though, along with the music I found.  I'm a pretty big Doctor Who fan(mostly the new series, but I've been watching the classic stories when I've gotten the chance, and they're good too - very cheesy sci fi, of course, but good), and as I was writing this chapter I was browsing some of the soundtracks on youtube, and I stumbled across Amy's theme, suddenly realizing that it fit the dream scene perfectly.  I'd even go so far as to call it Epsilon's theme, through her child and teen years, even though she's a very different character from Amelia Pond.

Epsilon is the most adorable kid ever.  That bit with her hair turning white was a weird bug in my game, where her outfit and hair was reset to something bizarre.  I decided to roll with it, and made the hair actually change color in the story.  What could it mean?

I'm glad that Alpha had some time to be a teenager, even if it was just a few sim-days.  I think she's about 3-4 days from aging up to YA when this chapter happens.

You might be wondering what happened to the imaginary friend arc I started and then stopped mentioning.  Well, the imaginary friend has gone AWOL in my game, so I've just dropped it from the story.  It's easier than trying to fix it somehow.



  1. Glad to see a new chapter! Though I'm really sorry about the trouble with saving and your set. That sucks when that happens and you've put in so much work.

    Oh, wow! I can't wait to see the significance of that dream Epsilon had! Is it just representative (figurative) or is there something in there she needs to learn? Loved the music for it too. Really pretty.

    Omicron is a cutie pie! And I hope Epsilon's experiences don't happen to him at school.

    Also, James doesn't really seem to get just how lucky he is to have Alpha. She's a great teen and I shudder to think how that house would look and how the family would be if she wasn't so awesome.

    1. My technical issues were awful, I'm almost afraid to start up the sims again guessed it...I have ANOTHER scene that needs shot for the next chapter! But it involves Alpha, so maybe she'll behave better than Epsilon did? I hope so.

      You'll just have to read and find out about the dream. *evil*

      Omicron is adorable. Don't worry, I'm going to address how he fits in at school.

      Everything would be a wreck. There would be laundry all over everywhere, you wouldn't be able to eat or prepare food for all the dirty dishes, and Epsilon and Omicron would both have aged up terribly. She's only got about a week left until she goes, though. :(

  2. I'm with Sunny. Once Alpha moves out, James will have two kids on his hands, and hopefully Alpha will have shown them how to fend for themselves or they'll never have any clean clothes or food. He's really taken advantage of poor Alphie.

    I also can't wait to see what Eppie's dream is all about, and what happened to her hair. (Besides it being glitchy) I hope she doesn't get extra-bullied for having different hair again.

    Omie has some kind of 6th sense? He can sense something off about James? Or was that just so we didn't forget about him?

    So basically, everything Sunny said, but with cool nicknames for the kids, and I don't even remember anything about an imaginary friend, so I'll have to go back and see. Not that it matters anymore. :p

    1. Yeah, James is all selfish like that. He really never should have spawned children.

      Well, I put that bit in there because I noticed one day that Omicron had a full negative relationship with James, despite never interacting with him beyond a few bottles/diapers as an infant(which should have given positive relationship). Then I noticed that Omicron burst into tears whenever James's evil aura fired. So I figure that Omicron is so Good(as in the trait) that he can somehow sense James's Evil, at least to the point where it unnerves him and makes him hate the man. He probably doesn't know quite why.

      I had Omicron get it, and I think I posted something at some point about how he really loved the strange toy. Not too much, though, which was good as it glitched out on me.

  3. Ooh, that dream is fascinating, I wonder what powers Epsilon has inherited from her mother...

    I dread to think what's going to happen with Epsilon & Omicron when Alpha grows up and has to move out. I have a vague feeling I read at one point that good sims get a negative reaction to the evil aura and part of the negative reaction involves loss of relationship