Friday, August 30, 2013

Woods Random Legacy: Chapter 56 - The Morning After

Transcript of the President's Address to the Nation
Greetings.  It is with a heavy heart that I stand before you this morning, after the longest night in recent memory.  It breaks my heart to think of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, who lost their lives in the acts of senseless violence that took place across the world last night.  Rest assured that those responsible, living or otherwise, will be found, and brought to justice.

How can we fight spirits, you ask?  That is the question that the most talented minds of our generation are working to answer, even as I speak to you now.  Our resources have been mobilized, and no expense will be spared once the solution is found.  Our military is prepared, strong and determined to stand against this new menace.

Remain calm and stay strong in this time of fear.  If we stand together, the people of this world united, we will not fall.

The Daily Times volume 95 issue 191: Thousands Dead After Supernatural Rampage (excerpt)
...It seems that supernatural creatures were the main targets of these attacks.  For many, such creatures were known only as legends, but it has become known across the world now that they walk among us.  Werewolves, lupine shape-shifters, and vampires, nocturnal blood-drinkers, were the most easy to identify, and comprised the majority of the supernatural creatures killed.  Some of those originally classified as human have been revealed as spell casters by those who knew them, so it is possible that more than two categories of supernatural creatures were targeted in the attacks.

Most victims were located in the capital city of Bridgeport, due to its size, and Moonlight Falls, likely because of its large population of supernatural creatures.  The recently-opened University Town, attracting many young supernatural creatures from their rural homes to study, was also strongly affected, though official counts have not been received.  Despite the majority of attacks happening in those three isolated areas, nowhere was spared, with almost every town having at least one incident...

The Daily Times volume 95 issue 192: Letter to the Editor
In all my years of reading the Times I never would've thought that this fine publication would be on the side of those creatures!  You were so busy talking about those things that you barely mentioned the HUMANS who died that night.  How am I supposed to keep my family safe when there's those vampires and werewolves stirring up trouble and getting innocent HUMANS murdered?

The President said we need a solution, and I agree with the man.  Get rid of the vampires, the werewolves, and all those things that hide in our towns and cities, there's a solution for you.  We'll not be safe until we do, you mark my words.

Frank Delaney

~ * ~

Short update today, just chilling in between proper generation stuff and adding a bit of context for what's going on in the larger world.  This next generation is going to be darker than the first two, if this chapter wasn't warning enough.  A lot of people are pretty angry, for all different reasons, and while the politics aren't a major focus of my heir their effect will obviously still be seen.

I did not intentionally make the president resemble Bill Clinton.

That is also not Not-Bill Clinton writing the letter to the editor, even though it looks like him.  I was not very creative with my elder male character design the night I took these pictures.


  1. Wow he does look like Bill Clinton! :D

    Great update, I liked it. Very interesting that supernaturals were targeted, but humans were killed too--and that James wasn't an isolated incident.

    The political and societal fallout from this will definitely prove interesting, as tempers are already flaring and fingers being pointed.

    1. He looks a lot more like Bill Clinton in a few mistake screenshots I took where he was grinning. I didn't notice it until after everything was shot, though. I blame growing up with Clinton being the first president I was old enough to recognize as such, so he's kind of the default face that pops into my head.

      Oh yeah, James wasn't the only human who died. It wasn't a whole lot of humans, a lot of witches and wizards were probably mistaken for regular humans, but the number wasn't insignificant. Collateral damage or targeted strikes, you decide. ;)

      Yes. Like I said, most of it will happen in the background as this generation's focus won't be on politics, but it will definitely affect the story.

  2. The way EA did their elder males it's pretty impossible to create a not-Bill-clintonesque sim. Buck could have doubled for Bill Clinton. I think it has a lot to do with the nose and forehead and the way EA chose to make them look for elders. It's still hilarious that you just decided to go with it. Good for you! Still, deep stuff going on. Phew.

    1. It's more that I noticed too late, haha. I probably would have changed the race or gender of the president if I'd noticed it while shooting. Good to know that it seems to be a problem for everybody, though, and not just me.

  3. I wouldn't have thought either of them looked like Bill Clinton if you hadn't said it tbh (but then I'm British and probably therefore get to see a lot fewer pictures of him than Americans would - I'm not even sure what he looks like since he stopped being president)

    I'm intrigued that the ghosts were mostly targeting supernaturals and I wonder what that means... Not impressed with Mr Delaney's attitude, although depressingly it feels like a realistic reaction!

    1. Me either, really. My permanent mental picture of him is off of the presidents place mat I had when I was around 5 or so. :p

      Yes, his attitude is sadly very realistic, and not uncommon, especially in communities where supernaturals weren't known about prior to the event. People are so awful. :(

  4. Finally I make it here, and agree with your sidebar.

    Ok, seriously. The next chapter better be "Hi, I'm the heir, and this is what happened."

    (I'm with Ali. The only reason I even know who Bill Clinton is, is from Family Guy... Ok, so that's a lie, obviously, but you get what I mean)

    Can't wait to see what happens next gen now. Or, this gen, I guess? Hurry up! :D

    1. I thought of you when I put that there.

      Plot twist: the heir is Alpha. No, really, she's not the heir. If she was, I legitimately think you might jump on a plane and come kill me. I promise you'll get answers next chapter.

      It's sitting in my drafts folder, half-finished! It has all the pictures, all it needs is words! It's a holiday weekend in the US, so I have tomorrow and Monday off to finish it.