Monday, September 15, 2014

Whatever happened to the Woods family?

Um.  Hi guys.  So as you probably noticed this story went on hiatus about 11 months ago, and never really picked back up again.  There were reasons for this, mostly that I was really busy and couldn't play, and then I had problems getting my game patch version and mods synced up again, and then I was really busy all of a sudden again, and before I knew it it was the end of summer and the death blow was dealt to my installation of sims 3(*insert grumbles about Origin here*).  It's possible to resurrect it, but it's going to be a lot of work, and honestly the game was a laggy, crashy mess.

I'd been playing a lot of sims 2 over the past year, and it made me realize that sims 3 wasn't really that great of a game.  There was virtually no challenge once you got past the first few weeks, every sim would be a millionaire without even trying.  I'd have to make up artificial rules(like how the 3rd generation Woods kids had to have their own money pool to buy all toys and skilling objects from) and invest in moneysinks(daily spa treatments?  Don't mind if I do!) just to keep any semblance of financial tension in the game.  Compared to the nothing-is-free style in which I was playing sims 2, sims 3 was...well, predictable.  Too easy.  Boring.

So I was kind of put in a situation where I loved my characters, I loved my story, I wanted to see this through(at least through to the 5th generation, where there was a natural resolution coming up)...but I really didn't want to actually play the game in order to get that far.  So, that brings me to now.  I've still got my sims 3 installation files, and I've got my legacy save, as both were backed up before Origin decided to tantrum all over my installation directory.  I don't see myself loading it back up now, or anytime soon, but perhaps in the future.

I know it's not very nice to leave you guys hanging.  I know you wanted to know what happened to Epsilon, and Brendan, and was she ever going to have his baby or was I just going to keep teasing you all with nausea symptoms forever and stuff.  I actually know pretty much everything that was going to happen, with only the details being fuzzy after about the 4th generation.  While I don't really want to spill too many of the details, in case I do take up the story again in the future, I do want to share the resolution somewhat.  Which brings me to my next project.

You might already know that I ported the Random Legacy challenge to the Sims 4 last week.  I debated a lot about whether I would write my own legacy story up, or if I'd just play the game and keep the story in my head.  Well, I've decided that I'm going to write it after all.  It takes place in the same universe as the Woods legacy, perhaps somewhere around 200-250 years after the Woods story broke off.  I don't know how related the two stories will end up being, a lot of it will depend on what supernatural elements EA puts in(or leaves out of) the new game.

I hope you enjoy the Katran legacy.  Updates should begin in the next few days, once I find the character's voices.

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