Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Chapter 1 - Spacious living quarters, with a great view!

My name is Andrea Starling, and I am the heir to the multi-billion corporation Starling International. In theory. My father suggested I find a place to stay out of town, while all the hubbub dies down back home. I must say, he had a fair point. The desert town of Oasis Springs seemed like a good enough place for an extended holiday. Pleasant climate, warm sun - no need for anyone to bundle up for the winter!

The architecture here is quite beautiful to look at, especially the wealthier areas of town. No heir to the Starling fortune would ever be caught slumming it, that's for sure. The real estate agent advertised the property I'd be staying in as spacious living quarters, with a great view. I imagined something a little bit like this:

Imagine my surprise when I found this:

That sonuvabitch. I have to admire him in a way. Takes a true artist to pull what he did without actually lying. Still, though, this wouldn't do. I hired a firm to at least put up some walls for privacy, and while I waited I explored the town. The library was nice, with an excellent selection of literature. Some of those titles put me right in the mood for some romance.

Speaking of, there are some true babes in this town.

The first one I hit it off with was a girl named Liberty. I had her pegged for a quiet nerd at first, but there's a fair bit more to her than that.

When our conversation got a little steamier, earning far more stern glances from the librarian than we really deserved, we took it to the park. Normally I take my dates to the bar, but I have to confess funds are a bit tight at the moment, with the unexpected construction work and all. Liberty's a good sport though, she didn't mind one bit.

On second thought, though, maybe it wasn't the best choice of location after all. Let me tell you, it's hard to flirt with little kids staring you down while they play on the monkey bars.

There was an unfortunate deal-breaker, though. I was just about to ask her if she wanted to try this again sometime, maybe somewhere more dimly lit with something to drink, when she leaped to her feet with a cry of "Ohhhh wow! It's a real emergency, this time! Comin' right through!"

I'll be damned if the girl didn't sprint right past me all the way to the bathroom. Now, that's no way to behave on a classy date out.

While she tended to took a moment to refresh myself in the mirror. Figure out how to let the girl down. She was nice and all, but a man of my reputation couldn't be seen in the company of a woman who acted that way in public. At least, not if I wanted to salvage what was left of it.

By the time she finished, I'd worked out what to do. I could surely keep things casual with her, as long as my public affairs were with another. A brilliant solution. We spoke for a few minutes more, and I even regaled her with a few tales from my time at the corporate offices.

We shared a brief farewell kiss, hidden from gossiping eyes by the privacy architecture surrounding the public bathrooms, and then I bid her farewell.

Once she'd left, I was free to continue to browse the highlights of what Oasis Springs had to offer. One lady in particular, Harley Proctor, caught my eye immediately. I complimented her on her taste in trousers, and she fell right into my arms.

Before we got to spend much time together, the sun was beginning to set, and it was time to return to my new home. Of course, I elicited a promise from her to meet again soon. It wouldn't do to let so fine a lady slip away. When I got home, I discovered a basic shack had been constructed surrounding the bathroom facilities. It wasn't much, but it would do.

My bed was still out under the stars. To be honest, I didn't mind it much, though I would surely need to move it under a proper roof before I invited anybody over to visit. At least the vacant lot across the street wouldn't judge me, however poor my accommodations.


Mid-date bathroom emergency was a true story. Nice going, Liberty.

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