Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Woods Random Legacy: Chapter 32 - Preserving the Past

   I have had the boy under surveillance for some time now, from the house across the street.  He suspects nothing, but in turn I have not noticed anything unusual.  He leads a criminal life, though he seems to have kept that a secret from the community at large - perhaps even his own mother, who is still among the living.
   There is no sign of the objective, he must have it shielded and hidden somewhere.  He has a child with one of Landgraab's daughters, and retains sole custody.  Should I attempt to obtain a DNA sample, or continue watching from a distance?

Eliza handled most of the day-to-day childcare that went on around the Woods household.  Feedings, socialization, diaper changes and baths were all her job.  After all, she was the one with experience, or so James justified.
Eliza: "James, dear, I'd like to speak with you."
James: "What?"
Eliza: "You know I'm getting old, and I'm not going to be around forever.  Have you thought about what you're going to do with your daughter when I pass on?"
James: "That won't be for a while, Mom.  She might even be grown up enough to take care of herself by then."
Eliza shook her head.
Eliza: "No, I won't make it that long.  Don't get upset, I've lived a long life, and I'm ready.  I want to be with your father again."
James: "You might be ready, but I'm not!  She just left me on my own, Mom!  How am I supposed to take care of a baby without you around?"
Eliza: "You're intelligent, you'll manage.  But you need to start thinking about what you'll do.  And remember, she's your daughter.  She didn't ask to be born into this situation, and you need to do right by her, even if you didn't ask for it either."
James just nodded silently and turned away.  Things were going even worse, if Eliza felt that it was almost her time to go.
He tried something experimental that night.  When Alpha began to fuss, he went to her room and picked her up, trying to figure out what she needed.
James: "This can't be hard, people have been raising children for millennia.  You don't need a diaper change, and I know you just got fed not too long ago.  Therefore, you must be lonely.  So my talking to you and bouncing you around like so should make you stop crying, but it's not working.  Why won't you be quiet?"
Eliza: "She's hungry, just give her here."
James: "You just fed her!"
Eliza: "Four hours ago.  She's a baby."

His father's death had pushed one of James's old plans into motion.  It had been knocking around his head for a while, since his trip to the mausoleum in high school; his family needed their own catacombs.  He purchased a plot of land behind the house and had a mausoleum constructed.
The same construction company was kept on indefinite standby, to aid in the tunnel-digging process.  When the first chamber was complete, James set Greg's urn on the pedestal, arranging his certificates of accomplishment on the nearby walls.
He also brought down a chess table, because Greg had dearly loved the game in life.  Maybe when his ghost appeared - as they always did, eventually - it would stay here playing chess, rather than wandering down to the house.
He had loved his father, really, but a ghostly Greg lurking around the house would just be a disaster.

Before James knew it, it was Alpha's birthday.  Eliza insisted that there be a proper party for her, even if it was only among the household.
Eliza: "Now go hold her by the cake and blow out the candles for her."
James: "Why do I have to hold her?"
Eliza: "Because you're her father, now do it!"
James: "Fine."
The cake was delicious, at least.  James had discreetly picked up a selection of sleepers from the store, so Alpha had something to wear as she grew.
She was well cared for, really.  Things were working out alright.

~ * ~

James is trying.  Of course, he could try harder.  He's just lucky that the reaper hasn't come for Eliza yet, she's been on borrowed time for quite a while now.

The family catacombs are the Awesome! for this generation.  I bought the community lot through the real estate menu, giving it the graveyard state(so that I'd be sure to get ghosts and such), but I'm not sure if there's a way to lock out visitors.  I think it's weird that random people from the town are wandering around down there!

Alpha's mouth is a bit unfortunate, she got it from her mother.  Apart from that, she's an excellent-looking toddler.


  1. Lol!!! You shouldn't have mentioned her mouth.I hadn't noticed.

    Ooh! So VJ is still hanging around, huh? Doing a little creepy stalking... what's this objective then?

    LOVE the family graveyard!! My sims don't die, so it isn't something I could consider really, but I'd love to do it.
    I especially love that you have Greg's favourite things around his urn. James does have a heart!

    And yes, he is trying. He'll have to try harder when Eliza' s time comes...

    1. VJ totally moved in across the street a few days after James moved into this house. It was really funny, so of course I had to work it into the plot!

      Every time I've tried to read your legacy, I've gotten distracted by shiny around the middle of generation 1. I really should get around to it one day, so that I can see what you mean by your sims not dying.

    2. Ignore gen 1. It was fail. Read the summaries and start at gen 3, it's quicker, you only have to read a summary and then 22 chapters.
      They don't die because they're all supes, and the only one who isn't (Jackson) is glitchy as hell, and has outlived his age bar by at least 30 days by now. I'm going to kill him in style with MC soon, because he's annoying me. I know, heartless...

      LOL! VJ the stalker! Hahaaa the VJ from my town is long dead, I think, I hope... Oh god... I need to check my sims neighbors when I'm next in game! Will he be a running character for this gen too? I'm judging yes by the letter. :D

    3. I started reading it again tonight, I'm currently in the middle of generation 2 - Taylor is being manipulated by Trisha. :( I want to give that girl all the hugs!

      Well, there's something in chapter 34 that should address a bit of what's going on with VJ and the Trifectum. While VJ's still around, things are getting a bit out of control, and the scope is getting so far beyond him that, even if his werewolf blood keeps him from dying of old age so soon, he might not survive this generation anyway. Not that I'd be sad to see him go, necessarily.

  2. Oooh! A catacombs! That is So appropriate for James to build!
    Aw, I didn't think Alpha's mouth was too bad. Now I'm going to watch it as she grows. lol.

    1. Yes, that was my thought! They're actually going to play a role in the plot, for generations 2/3 at least. Can't speak for future ones as I haven't plotted that far yet.

      It looks super creepy when she smiles. I know I have pictures of her as a child with creepymouth, but I'm not sure if I do for her as a toddler. I'll check, and if so I'll include them next update as an extra.