Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Woods Random Legacy: Chapter 35 - Making Do

Running a household was much harder than Eliza had made it seem!  Even with just himself and Alpha, the laundry alone was an a constant battle.  It would almost be easier to just buy new clothes, instead of washing the old ones.
James was also now responsible for making sure that meals would be on the table.  Alpha was still on formula, so he didn't have to worry about feeding her now, but she'd be old enough for normal food soon.  The cooking shows on the TV made it all seem so easy, surely it wouldn't be difficult.  After all, every other sim in town could do it.
The noodles stick to the pan, the cheese clumps together, and the spoon keeps getting a layer of sticky goop stuck to it!  Cooking is impossible!
James: "Daddy's going to take over a restaurant and have them cook food for us every day.  How'd you like that, Alpha?"
Alpha: "Dada cook food!"
James: "No, no.  The cooks at the restaurant will cook the food, I can't cook."
Alpha: "Dada cook."
He felt that her conversation skills were about as good as they were going to get, even if she did seem to have a bit of a problem with understanding the nuances of what he was trying to tell her.  It was good enough, she'd pick up the rest in kindergarten with the the other children.
She spent most of her time by herself, playing with the peg box.  Eliza had seemed concerned about how Alpha hadn't always asked for attention, but James didn't see the big deal.  So she liked to play by herself, it wasn't a problem as long as she was happy.  And she seemed to be.

On Snowflake Day, James decided to throw a gift-giving party.  He invited a few of his friends over for the afternoon, then went to talk to Alpha.
Alpha: "Dada?"
James: "I'm going to have a party today."
Alpha: "Party?"
James: "Yeah, a party.  There'll be lots of people-"
He couldn't help but chuckle at the face Alpha pulled at that.
Alpha: "No people!"
James: "Right, see, I was hoping you'd say that.  You know, you're my little secret.  If you could just play by yourself this afternoon and be quiet, that would be great."
Alpha: "Play with box?"
James: "Exactly!  I'll come and get you when the party's over, okay?"
Alpha didn't really mind playing with her peg box all afternoon.  She'd long since figured out which shapes went in which holes, but she liked to see if she could insert them in rhythm, or how fast she could go without dropping any pieces.  She found making up her own games to be fun, even if she didn't enjoy sharing them with anyone else.

In the front room, the gift-giving party was underway.  Not everybody had brought gifts for everybody else, but it worked out that everybody present got at least one gift, so nobody walked away upset.
James received two chess sets, which he didn't particularly want nor need since he already had one right there in the living room.  But he faked enthusiasm and responded with warm thanks to those who had bought him the gifts.
In the days following the holiday, he was promoted once more, this time to the position of Evil Sidekick.  He was more involved in the upper-level planning now; even though he held no actual decision-making power, he was still consulted for opinions.  A much better use of his intellect than petty thievery, he thought.  The promotion came with a large bonus, so on his way back home from work he decided to stop by the store and pick up a little something to bring back home.

~ * ~

Shortish update today, mostly just some filler stuff while people grow up a little.  But see, James does care, a little bit deep down inside!  I'm trying to do a better job with grabbing toddler pictures this generation, so that you all can actually see what they look like.


  1. Aw, poor Alpha, being shut away for the party! What will he do when she's older? How will he keep hiding her? :|

    LOVE that he thought it'd be easier to just buy new clothes. I think that sometimes, but it'd be expensive and wasteful...

    OOOHHHH Alpha becomes a child next chapter, I assume? I wonder when the next child will come along?

    1. He'll have to send her to school, because I don't have a homeschooling mod. I guess he's just hoping she gets lost in the crowd of all the other kids, and nobody asks too many questions. He might slip a few bribes or something to encourage that. You're right, though, stuff can't stay secret forever.

      Expensive, wasteful, and lazy. Yep, sounds like James.

      Yes, she ages into a child next chapter! The next child will come along whenever James gives in to his stupid side again. It can't be too long...

  2. Cooking is impossible! LOL, I just loved that line.
    I'm looking forward to seeing how long James can keep Alpha a secret, too.

  3. I think it's dreadful of James to try and keep Alpha a secret and hide her away from his guests. I hope it doesn't have a bad effect on her in later life

    1. You'll like chapter 39 when I get there(I've played through chapter 41, so I know what's going to happen). Yes, he does get called out on it, eventually. Still not sure if he's going to change or not, though.

      It does have some effect, but not as horrible as it could have been. She's naturally a loner, so she's fine with being by herself - honestly, she would have hated the party, all those weird people trying to give her attention. James does leave her to her own devices a bit too much though, so I did give her a negative social trait when she aged to a child, because she didn't get a whole lot of practice in that department.