Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Woods Random Legacy: Chapter 5 - Toddler Days

Soon enough, Lane became a toddler.
He was a naturally inquisitive child, always poking around the house and getting into trouble.  His favorite toy was his peg box; he would spend hours fitting the wooden blocks through their slots, always ensuring that they all made it back in before he abandoned the toy for something else.  Of course, being a toddler wasn't all fun and games.  Eliza worked with her son every morning to develop one of his important life skills - walking
As much as she didn't want him to get in to even more things around the house, she knew that it would impact him negatively later on in life if she didn't teach him properly now.

Greg, hard at work, soon received another promotion, this time to a Metaphysical Fabricator.  Suddenly, the quality and quantity of his private readings around town became very important to his career.  He took to wandering the town during the evening after he got off work, searching for any sims who might be a good target.
Greg: "I shall predict your future!"
Man: "Mrlmff?"
Greg: "I predict that you will miss dinner and be hungry all night if you don't get home soon!"
Of course, it was Greg himself who was missing dinner that night.
Lane: "Da-da?"
Eliza: "Daddy'll be home soon.  He's probably off "palm reading" and lost track of time."

Heading into the later years of autumn, Eliza found herself busy taking care of the leaves that had fallen from the trees in the yard.
Getting those leaves raked up seemed to be a never-ending job, which only made her more irritated when Greg spent his spare time carving faces into pumpkins instead of helping her out with the chores.
Of course, she did have to admit that the end product looked pretty nice.

Greg's extra work around town soon led to another promotion, following quickly on the heels of the last.  His employers felt that, while he had a certain sort of awkward charm to him, he was likely not blessed with actual mystic powers.  So, they strongly advised him to chose a career path that placed more emphasis on telling people what they wanted to hear, rather than anything that was actually true.  He went along with their plan, and accepted the promotion to Tarot Card Shark.  From here on out, his charisma was important.  Even if half of what came out of his mouth was entirely inappropriate, it was all about how he sold it to the customers.  As a workaholic, he relished the challenge.

As the season of autumn drew to an end, Lane had finally managed to figure out how to work his potty, much to the relief of both Eliza and Greg.
He'd also taken a liking to the Dr Simseuss series of books, spending hours flipping through them and laughing at the silly pictures.  He might not know how to read yet, or even what those words meant, but surely the basics of story structure were being impressed upon his young mind.


So, Lane's a toddler now.  I'm not sure what's up with the hair, and I've actually downloaded a mod that'll stop the game from randomly assigning hair/eye color in the future.  Genetics please.  I'm not posting his traits yet, as I hope to demonstrate them through the story, but I do definitely have a plan for this little guy.  I've got two more update's worth of pictures and story backlogged right now, due to exams(which just finished!), but I'm going to try to get those posted pretty quickly to catch up with what's going on in my game.  Next chapter should be exciting!


  1. Enjoying your Legacy so far! Where did you find the mod to stop random genetics? I'd love to add that to my game for future legacies of my own :)


      See no mutated hair-eye color on MTS.