Thursday, December 20, 2012

Woods Random Legacy: Chapter 7 - Midwinter

Lane was soon toddling around the small house, silently observing everything that went on.  After the full moon incident, Eliza kept the door tightly locked at all times, but there wasn't a repeat of the escape attempt.
Lane was able to talk, but refrained from the usual babble of most children his age.  He usually spoke only to announce the results of his observations, encouraged by the logic concept books he'd taken to reading.
Lane: "Mommy loves Daddy."
Eliza: "Yes, Lane.  Mommy loves Daddy a lot.  Why don't you go look at your books and let Mommy and Daddy have some alone time?"

The results of their frequent "alone time" became apparent one day, as Eliza was delivering some insect specimens to the science center.  The last time she'd felt this sick was when she was pregnant with Lane...could it be?
Sure enough, the test came back positive.  Both Eliza and Greg wanted another boy, of course, because they'd already done it once - surely it would be easier the second time around!  But they knew that the sex of the baby was up to luck, and they'd love it no matter whether it was a boy or a girl.

Greg received another promotion at work, to the position of Keen Observer of Human Behavior.  Now, logic was becoming extremely important to his work, and he was glad that he'd always pursued chess as a hobby.  Even with the practice he'd had in his spare time, he was starting to feel swamped at his job.  He was falling behind on his private readings as well, barely making his quotas at the end of the month.  It was only the compliments paid to his boss and his reputation around town that had gotten him this promotion, he knew.
He wasn't getting any younger.  As he looked in the mirror, he could see wrinkles starting to form around his eyes and mouth.  He'd had to cut his thinning hair, wearing a new, more mature style.  Even though the new position had higher stress, he was also making more money, which was sorely needed with the baby on the way.

Snowflake Day was almost upon them.  Eliza talked Greg into taking his day off and hanging some lights on the house, which looked very nice lit up at night.
Everybody had the holiday off work, so the entire family - even the very pregnant Eliza! - went to the winter festival together to celebrate.  Leaving Greg to watch Lane, Eliza traded in some of the tickets she still had from previous festivals for a snow bear teddy, for the baby.
By this point, Greg had the brilliant idea to take advantage of the festival to catch up on his private readings.  They went well, as he was able to theme them around the season and holiday, leading to satisfied customers.  Of course, if Greg was giving private readings, then who was watching Lane?
Luckily, Lane hadn't wandered off.  He sat happily, armpit-deep in the snow, playing with his wereteddy.  The cloth doll was soaked, having been repeatedly buried, un-buried, hugged and then shoved under the snow yet again.
Eliza quickly collected her son and husband, heading home as the sun set.

Lane soon reached the age where he would have to start attending elementary school.
He was excited about being able to explore a new area, but less excited about having to move out of his crib to make room for the new baby.
Greg: "It's bedtime, Lane."
Lane: "But I'm not tired!  It's hardly even 11:00!"
Greg: "You have your first day of school in the morning, you have to get your sleep."
Lane: "But what if there's monsters under the bed?  I can't go to sleep, they might get me!"
Greg: "There's no such thing as monsters, Lane.  Go to bed."
Lane: "But how do you know there's no such thing if they're hiding under the bed?  Have you checked?  HAVE YOU?"
Greg: "..."

With impressive timing, Eliza interrupted their bedtime argument by going into labor.
Greg: "OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!  Another kid?  What did I do to deserve this?!?"


Yes, I'm evil, leaving it on a cliffhanger like that!  I got a good laugh out of them just dumping Lane in snow that came up to his chest, and an even bigger laugh out of how it looked like he was trying to bury his wereteddy.  I'm not sure what happened with the romance, but one night they kept rolling wishes to hug and kiss, so I just went ahead and had them try for baby.  It's weird how sims get ideas like that into their heads.  I've updated the legacy story page, Lane's traits are listed there for anybody who wants to know.  Not that they're terribly spoilery at this point in the story, but still.


  1. Lane buried in snow was cute, lol.

    1. Haha yeah. I kept trying to get a good screenshot of him "burying" the doll, but I couldn't time it right. It really did look like he was shoving snow on top of it though.

  2. I love the shot of Lane buried in snow! It's such an adorable picture