Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Woods Random Legacy: Chapter 6 - Losing Sanity

Winter had come to Sunset Valley.  With Greg's new job came regular days off, and Eliza took full advantage of her husband being home to dump Lane on him and hurry off to get some much-needed leisure time around town.  She loved her child, but what she suffered from the most was the lack of adult friends.
Apparently, nobody else in this town appreciated art, because Eliza felt as if she was all alone in the world when visiting the gallery.  As the winter festival hadn't moved in yet, the park was equally deserted.  Desperate for an adult to talk to, Eliza made her way to the salon, asking for somebody - anybody - to give her a makeover.  Stylist Christopher French-Steel was happy to oblige.
Christopher: "Nice to meet you, Eliza.  So I understand you want something that looks cute, maybe even a little bit sexy, but practical and easy to manage?  I think I've got just the look, if you'll follow me right this way."

Meanwhile, back at the house, Greg took it upon himself to teach Lane how to speak.  His intentions were sound, but it was likely that Eliza wouldn't have approved of the content of the lessons.
Greg: "Daddy goes to work as a psychic to get people's money.  Can you say money?"
Lane: "Money!"
Pudding: *dreams about Greg buying cat food*

Back at the stylist's, Eliza's makeover was finished.  Happy with the results, she paid and stepped out into the winter chill.
That was more like it!  Emboldened by her new look, she attended a chess competition at the bookstore - not to play, only to watch, though she wasn't opposed to learning techniques that she could use to beat Greg in a match.
It was evening by the time she got out, but it had been a good day spent.  She felt refreshed by the social experiences she'd had that day, and resolved to have Greg mind their kid more often in the future.  Arriving home, however, she was met with quite a sight.
The house was a mess!  She turned on Greg to scold him for his slobbish housekeeping skills, and as they bickered nobody was minding Lane, who, in accordance with his inquisitive nature, slipped right out the still-open front door.

The moon was full tonight, for the first time since the night of Lane's birth.  He felt his skin prickle as he looked up at the large orb in the sky, his breath frosting out in front of him as he breathed.
Then, in the distance, he heard a long howl, unlike anything he had heard before.  He immediately turned to face the direction the sound had come from, listening intently.  After a few moments, it came again, closer this time, and he rolled over to his knees, beginning to crawl towards the mysterious - yet intriguing - sound.  It was at this moment that Eliza looked out the window and, with a cry, ran after her son, all conflict with his father instantly forgotten.
She caught up with her child and snatched him up, hurrying back inside as she clutched him tightly to herself.  What could possess a child, even one as inquisitive as Lane, to crawl off after that frightful howling?


Sorry for Eliza's crazy outfit-switching going on here.  I think she went through everyday, outerwear and formal(I have no idea why, maybe she wanted to impress Christopher?) in the space of a few sim-hours.


  1. Uh oh! Very inquisitive child that appears to have no fear. I wonder what that will mean for him later on?

  2. More hinting.... I think I'm picking up on a theme.