Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Woods Random Legacy: Chapter 12 - School Days

Prom night came faster than Lane expected.  Greg had used some of his recent bonus to rent a limo for the evening, and Lane's stomach was tying itself into knots as he got inside.  There was nothing to worry about, though, and the young couple had a great time.
Between the two of them, they managed to bring back the chicken dance as the trendy thing to do on the dancefloor.  As the night wound to a close, Locke and Lane decided to go steady, an event that Locke celebrated by bringing back two glasses of punch - with a kick.  Though usually one to play by the rules, Lane felt like breaking a few tonight, so he shared the spiked punch with his new boyfriend, enjoying the way it made him a bit dizzy.
By the time prom let out, Lane was exhausted.  But, even with school the next day, he couldn't justify taking the entire evening off from his research.
He was getting nowhere.  All the recipes he was finding were for the most inane things, such as attracting bees, making you fat, or even making you sad.  He felt like ripping his hair out as he spent hours poring over the old books with little success.
His grades were slipping, too.  His math teacher had caught him "goofing off" in class - he was working, just on his research, not math - and he wound up with a detention licking stamps for the school newsletter, which didn't please his parents much at all, especially since he didn't dare tell them what he was working on.  They'd never understand.

His sisters took a field trip to the Little Corsican Bistro, a local restaurant.  While Crystal was fairly unimpressed by the inner workings of the cafe, Faye took to the kitchen like a fish to water.  Her french fries were the best in the class, and once she got home she begged her mother to buy her a Little Baker Oven, so that she could cook her own baked goods.
Not a single one came out burned!  Crystal, of course, was as unimpressed by her sister's new hobby as she had been by the field trip itself.
Crystal: "Why are you spending so much time playing with your toy oven?  Cooking is what Mom's for!  Why would you do it if you didn't have to?"
Faye: "I think it's fun!  Besides, it's just like your painting."
Crystal: "What?  How?  They're nothing alike!"
Faye: "Well, cooking is just like edible art, really."
Crystal: "Hmph!  No way!"
Faye eventually even won Crystal, her biggest skeptic, over with the quality of her baked goods.
Crystal: "Oh my god, this is the best muffin I've ever tasted!"
Faye: "See?  I told you cooking was too art."
Crystal: "This is even better than Mom's cooking!"
Faye: "That's because it's organic.  Good for you, and delicious too!"

James had become old enough to begin exploring his environment.  Like his older brother, he favored the peg box toy and Lane's old logic concept books.  Unlike his older brother, James seemed to be grasping the concepts very quickly, and was hungry for more learning.  Hopefully raising a genius wouldn't be too much work for his tired parents!

~ * ~

A post all about the children, yay!  Here's a zoomed-in shot of Lane's prom photo.  I wasn't kidding about them bringing back the chicken dance - the game gave me the chicken dance pop-up three time in a row, followed by the one that said everybody was copying their dance moves!  Sorry for the lack of photo of James as a toddler, it seems that I completely forgot to take one.  There'll be a few next chapter, as he's pretty important there, so you shouldn't have to wait too long!


  1. Hehe, I love the prom. It gives you new plots ;) If it wasn't for the prom my story would have been different.

    It's really odd reading your story when townies appear, mine's set in Sunset Valley too, and it's weird seeing how different your townies lives are from mine!

    Enjoying the story though, I've read it all now, so I'm all caught up and can follow it :)

    1. It's so strange to read stories that involve the same townies! Two of the legacies I'm reading now(the overlord legacy and the sari legacy) have had Gator Wolff playing an important role, and he's so different in each of them.

  2. I tend to forget toddler photos a lot too.
    I'm glad Lane and Locke had a great time at their prom. =D
    Lane and Locke would be a great name for something, like a cop show, lol.

    1. Lane and Locke does just roll off the tongue, doesn't it? It's total coincidence, I picked Locke just because Lane didn't want to hang out with anyone else.