Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Woods Random Legacy: Chapter 15 - Waiting

Autumn's arrival in Sunset Valley brought with it an envelope from LeFromage Art School.  Faye and Crystal opened it together, sharing a celebratory hug when it turned out to be an acceptance letter.  Crystal's flight would leave the same morning that Faye started high school.  As a gift to her twin, Crystal left one of her recent paintings.
Faye claimed that she also had a gift for her twin, but that it was a secret until the night before her flight left.  Knowing that there was a secret drove Crystal crazy, but try as she might she couldn't figure out what it was.

Lane was waiting for the full moon.  While he waited, he put the rest of his life that he'd let slide in order.  He still felt guilty about leaving James unprotected, and while his brother seemed fine, Lane tried his best to make it up to the kid.  Not that James needed Lane's help to understand his books; he was already sounding out basic words!
Lane also focused on school, bringing his grades up and finishing his extra-curricular work.  At the last meeting of the newspaper club, he was awarded a small trophy for his contributions to journalism at the school.  He hoped that he could continue with that level of success in his career post-graduation.
Of course, he didn't neglect Locke either.  It was difficult to make time to meet up, between both of their responsibilities, but they made sure to at least call every evening.

Soon, it was time for the twins to start high school.  They'd both graduated from elementary school with top marks, to their parents' delight.  As with Lane, they insisted that Faye choose at least one extracurricular activity.  Unfortunately, there wasn't anything offered like home economics, or cooking club, so she settled for the study club.  If nothing else, it would lower the amount of time she'd have to spend working on homework in the evenings.

The night before Crystal left, Faye finally delivered her surprise.
Faye: "Happy almost-moving day!  I baked you a tiny cake!  It's vanilla, and organic."
Crystal: "It's so good, thanks!  I'm going to miss your cooking so much.  I bet the food there will be so awful, I'll starve."
Faye: "Stop being so dramatic.  It's France, the food'll be great."
Crystal spent one last night in her own bunk.  She'd been worried that she'd never be able to fall asleep due to the excitement, but all the packing had tired her out so that her head barely hit the pillow before she was asleep.
Finally, the morning came.  Crystal said goodbye to her parents and brothers inside, then came outside, where her twin was waiting for her by the fence.
Crystal: "Good-"
She was silenced by her sister's shake of the head.
Faye: "No goodbyes, not yet.  The taxi hasn't come yet."
Crystal leaned against the fence beside Faye, her bags arrayed at her feet, looking down the road as they waited silently - what needed to be said? - for her ride.  Soon, it arrived, and Faye helped Crystal and the driver load the trunk.  They shared a hug.
Faye: "Skype me, okay?"
Crystal: "I will."

~ * ~

Short update today, just setting the stage for the next chapter.  Just to give people an idea of where we are in the generation, since I know reading it in story form can be disorienting with regards to ages:

The twins are on their second day of being teens.
James will age up tomorrow to child.
Greg will age up tomorrow to elder.
The full moon is tomorrow.
Lane will age up the day after tomorrow to YA.
Eliza will age up to elder in a little under a week.
Pudding(the cat, who totally still exists) has been living with a full age bar for a while now, so a surprise cat funeral will happen, just not sure when.

I'm currently playing about a week ahead of the story, with three chapters in the queue to write.


  1. Lol, surprise cat funeral sounds like a blast haha, I'm sure it will be sad though.

    Aww, I've always wished I was a twin. No idea why, but maybe it's this kind of friendship I wanted?

    Loved it! :)

  2. Ya know, a Home Ec or cooking club WOULD be a nice addition for after school activities. Too bad they don't have that.

    ~Margaret Pendragon

  3. I love the twins' relationship!
    And I can't wait for that full moon.
    I'm still a little worried about James. He seems fine, but that whole encounter was creepy, in a Rumpelstiltskin kind of way.