Saturday, January 19, 2013

Woods Random Legacy: Chapter 21 - Endings

Faye was going to break up with Tyrone, absolutely 100% for real this time.  She called him to the library, a public place, so that word would get to the school gossip mill.  While she waited for him to arrive, she steeled herself for what she'd have to do.
Tyrone: "Hey Faye, I got your call.  What's going on?"
Faye: "Tyrone...we have to talk."
Tyrone: "Oh?  About what?"
That was odd, he seemed oddly unfazed.  Wasn't that phrase supposed to cause panic?  Maybe he was just unusually dense today.
Faye: "It wasn't right, what we did to Cheryl.  We need to break up."
Faye braced herself for his reaction, whether it would be sadness, anger, or something she hadn't even thought of yet.
Tyrone: "Uh, sure.  Whatever."
Well, that wasn't what she'd been expecting.
Faye: "What's that supposed to mean?  Whatever?"
Tyrone: "It's not like we were ever really dating in the first place, you know?"
Faye: "What are you talking about?  We kissed and everything."
Tyrone: "Yeah.  Once.  It's not like you'd let me near your lips ever again after that."
Faye: "There were the girls at school and everything, they got so mad at me, I was just..."
Tyrone: "Just what, Faye?  Look, was I supposed to sit around and wait for you to get over whatever petty insecurity you had going on?  I broke up with Cheryl because you asked me to, and let me tell you, she was one great kisser.  It was hardly worth it."
Faye couldn't believe what she was hearing.  This wasn't the Tyrone she'd thought she knew.
Tyrone: "Look, is that all?  I've got to get going, I have a date with Shannon."
Faye: "Shannon?  Seriously?  Were you ever going to tell me?"
Tyrone: "Why would I have?  You clearly weren't interested, at least I thought not.  She asked me out at prom, after you'd run off."
Faye: "Fine.  Enjoy your date.  I hope she's secretly a vampire and sucks you dry, you jerk!"
Without waiting for a reply, Faye shoved her way past Tyrone and hailed a taxi home.  Normally, she'd be bothered by such a flagrant waste of energy, but tonight she just didn't care.  She took a long, hot shower, changed into her pajamas, and then locked herself in her room.  Not even her plants could cheer her up tonight.

An hour later, the doorbell rang.
James answered the door, frowning as he saw who it was.
James: "What do you want?"
Tyrone: "Look, Shannon told me that I had to apologize to Faye, so I'm here to do it.  Just get out of my way, let me do what I came here to do, and I'll be out of both of your hair forever."
James: "Nuh-uh, it doesn't work that way.  She's upstairs crying, because you broke her heart."
Tyrone: "What was there to break?  Look, I've never met someone so wishy-washy, and I'm glad I got out before she ended up actually dating me.  I mean, I broke up with the best kisser in school for her, and she didn't even put out!"
James: "Don't talk that way about my sister, you jackass!"
Tyrone: "Oh yeah?  What are you gonna do about it?"
With no further warning, James let out a wordless yell and lept at the older, taller boy, slamming him to the ground.
It was a jumble of limbs as the two boys fought on the ground.  They punched, kicked and grappled until one of them rose victorious.
James stood above the older teen, glaring down at him hatefully.
James: "Go away.  And never come near my sister again, do you hear me?"
Tyrone nodded breathlessly.
James: "Go!"
He went.
Of course, all the yelling and the struggle was clearly heard inside, and as James turned back towards the door he saw his mother standing there, her arms folded sternly.
James: "Ah..."
Eliza: "Fighting?  Is that what I just saw?  Fighting?"
James: "It was for a good cause."
Eliza: "Nonsense, there's never a good cause for a fistfight.  I know I raised you better than that, young man.  You've just earned yourself a time-out."
James: "A time-out?  What am I, a little kid?"
Eliza: "Well I don't know, you might not look like one but you're sure acting as immature as one right now!"
James opened his mouth to argue, but closed it before he could say anything, noting the Mom Look that had appeared on his mother's face.
He stomped inside and settled himself by the window, looking down at the sill repentantly.  On the outside, at least.
On the inside, his mind was going non-stop trying to think of ways to avoid getting caught next time.

Faye finally saw fit to come downstairs the next day, and cornered James in the living room before he could escape to the gym.
Faye: "What was that?  You don't think I can deal with people on my own?  I don't need you running around beating up everybody I get into an argument with!"
James: "You didn't hear the things he was saying, though."
Faye: "I don't care!  Well, I'm trying very hard not to care, at least.  But still, you can't just beat up anybody that you disagree with.  I'm going out!"
That last bit was shouted over her shoulder, and she was out the front door before either parent could protest.
James had to admit, she had a point.  Using force to gain authority would only lead to one place - prison.  He wasn't a thug.  Things would be better - much better - if he could make people come around to his way of thinking without them realizing that they'd ever thought differently in the first place.  He'd have to think on that.

Faye had left to visit the gypsy caravan where her father worked.  Sure, most of the people who told fortunes there were frauds, but there were some who had actual magic powers.  She was only a few weeks out from graduation, and had no idea what she should do.  She'd always had an easy confidence in school, compared to her sister, but life was so much more than just passing your classes.  She needed some advice from beyond.  The air inside the caravan was thick with incense, and Faye felt her head spin as soon as she stepped inside.  Her reading was done by a young woman with an unfamiliar accent.  The usual techniques were used - palm reading, tea leaves, dream interpretation - and at the end of the hour that Faye had paid for, the woman drew back, considering her.
Faye: "So?  What should I do?"
Woman: "A change is coming.  Here, this will help you on your way."
The woman reached into a box behind her and drew out a rough rock about the size of one of Faye's fists, and offered it to Faye.
Faye: "A rock?"
Woman: "Your time is up."
Faye: "Seriously?  I paid $100 for a rock?  You know what, you're a cheat and a fraud.  You see if I ever come back."
By the time she got home, she'd nearly forgotten about the rock she still held in her left fist, but James noticed it as soon as she walked in the front door.
James: "Hey!  Where'd you find that?"
Faye: "I found it.  What's it matter to you?"
James: "Can I have it?"
Faye: "After how you acted last night?  Grow up!"
James: "Look, I'm sorry, I understand it was wrong.  Really.  It was a stupid mistake, and I'll do better next time.  I promise."
Most of Faye's anger towards him had evaporated during her walk through the snow, replaced with anger towards the scam artist she'd encountered at the caravan, and he did look sorry.  It's not like she had any use for the strange rock, anyway.
Faye: "Fine.  Catch."
James reached up and caught it as she hurled it across the room to him.  As his fingers closed around it, she turned and walked off up the stairs.

~ * ~

I bet ya'll thought that cat we never see(except for in that one screenshot this chapter!) was going to die this chapter, after you read that title.  Nope.  It's the energizer cat.  It just keeps going, and going, and going, and going and...

For some reason, Tyrone followed Faye home from the library and then kept hanging around the house like a creeper.  He just kept ringing the doorbell, even if an adult asked him to leave.  So James beat him up.  And then he still wouldn't leave.  He eventually disappeared overnight, maybe the zombies ate him.

After Eliza scolded him for fighting, James rolled a wish to see her ghost.  I loled.

So the rock thing...well, Faye rolled a wish to get her fortune told, so I had her go there and tossed about $100-$150 into the rabbit hole, thinking I might get a prediction that I could use for the story.  Instead, they gave me an uncut tiberium gem.  Um.  I certainly couldn't sell it, so I used it for the story instead.  I didn't know that the gypsy caravan gave free items!  Add that to my list of places to avoid during random legacies.

Four more chapters in generation one.


  1. Bless James, maybe it was wrong of him to beat Tyrone up, but I like him for defending his sister

  2. I thought James did the right thing by beating up Tyrone! He had it coming, and hopefully being beaten by a younger boy will do wonders for his ego :)

    I actually forgot they had a cat, so I'll be very shocked when it dies! Haha. Are you going to weave this rock into the story more? I got a prediction I could use for my legacy when I did it, and it changed their lives completely haha.

    1. Well I kind of have to do something with it now that I've got it, lol. I've got a plan.

  3. Goodness, Tyrone really turned out to be an a$$! Good on James for beating him up. LOL that he wanted to see his mother's ghost after she chastised him!